MANILA -- For many fans who followed the love story of newlyweds Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano, the film director is the epitome of an ideal man -- well-mannered, intelligent, good-looking and successful.

Soriano, in the eyes of Gonzaga's loyal followers, is also an ideal partner. He has been supportive of the actress-host's projects; ever-patient for eight years even as he was, by Gonzaga's admission, always second priority to her career.Despite admitting difficulties with rules set by Gonzaga's parents, Soriano abided by them. This meant never traveling, just the two of them, over the course of the relationship, and bringing Gonzaga home at a certain time after a date.

A Christian like Gonzaga, Soriano shares his partner's values -- among them, not having sex before marriage, a matter the actress has openly discussed.

It was no wonder, then, when fans of the couple expressed hopes of having a similar relationship over their wedding weekend, with some ladies and ladies at heart more bluntly wishing Soriano was theirs instead.

However, as they lamented in jest, Soriano is now married and forever committed to Gonzaga. Some turned their eyes to one of his three brothers, Parker, who became a trending topic on Twitter when he was shown in ABS-CBN's special telecast of the nuptials last Saturday.

Parker, 19, is a wakeboarding champion. He won second place in the junior men's division of the 7th Philippine Cable Wakeboard Nationals, and third place in the last Lago de Oro competition in Cebu.

Well-spoken like his brother, Parker shared his passion for the sport in a documentary by Wakeboard Republic released late last year.

"I got into wakeboarding firstly because we went on a school trip back in high school. We visited [Republ1c Wekepark in Nuvali]. Unlike many of my other friends, I got hooked into the sport and I haven't stopped," he said.

His advice to wakeboarding newbies: "If anything, if you do it for the first time, don't mind that you fall a lot. Everyone goes through that. Just have fun, basically. Don't feel bad about falling."

Parker's love for wakeboarding was not the only thing viewers of the Toni-Paul nuptials found out about him. In photos, here are other reasons why Parker made netizens swoon and trended online:

Photo: @nstapattypat on Instagram



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