MANILA - Aegis Malaysia on Monday night apologized for an ad disparaging the Philippines.
The global business process outsourcing (BPO) company said it regrets uploading of the video, saying it was not approved by company.
"Since acquisition of People Support in 2008, (the) Philippines has been a catalyst for Aegis' growth," said the company, which belongs to Indian multinational conglomerate Essar Group.
"We would like to articulate that Aegis has had a wonderful experience in the Philippines -- great clients, great leadership team and above all great employees," it said in a statement posted in its social media accounts.
"We regret the upload of the recent video on Malaysia," Aegis Malaysia said. "The video was developed locally by an agency and uploaded in error and the contents were not approved by Aegis Corporate."
"We apologize and regret any communication that may have inadvertently hurt any sentiments," it said.
The Philippine embassy in Kuala Lumpur earlier asked Aegis Malaysia to explain the disparaging video showing disasters and the business situations in the Philippines.
In its letter to Aegis Malaysia, the embassy expressed deep concern on the matter since the country considers Malaysian firms as active partners in bolstering bilateral ties between the two countries.
The embassy said it wants to know why the video was released, and the steps the company is undertaking to address the issue.
The nearly 3-minute video explains why Malaysia is a better choice for investors. The Philippines, on the other hand, is described as disaster-prone and has inadequate infrastructure, among issues.
The firm has already pulled out the video, but it can still be viewed on some sites.
The Philippine embassy also assured potential investors that the business environment in the country has improved to improve.
It said it is even heartening that many foreign investors are coming to the Philippines, in particular the BPO sector. It said they are the “brand ambassadors” for the country.


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