“Good evening, Manila!” he shouted amidst a good turnout of audience at the Araneta Coliseum last night, September 12. Clad in a simple black shirt, slacks, and leather shoes, American magician, illusionist, and endurance artist David Blaine is nothing like the old-school type of magicians in top hats and tails. He came out the stage with no frills and whatnot. David just brought himself, his magic cards, and some utensils that can easily be found at home. “I didn’t bring what we typically assume magicians use. “I don’t have strings. I don’t have smoking mirrors. I don’t have curtains or boxes. “My props are very simple. “As a matter of fact, I can say it’s something as simple as water,” he began. FIRE AND WATER TRICK. David opened the show drinking three liters of water in succession—something which he claimed could prove fatal to one’s health. “There’s something called water intoxication,” he further explained. “It’s when you flush electrolytes from your system by overhydrating.”   Building excitement as he spoke in a deceptively relaxed manner, he swallowed some flammable liquid and breathed fire to a torch on the left side of the stage. What came next was quite spectacular as he began to put out the fire by spouting the water he just drank. MAGIC CARDS. Known for his street magic tricks, David displayed his trademark magical snap, where he asked a random girl to sign a card. David shuffled it with the other cards and magically picked out the signed one over and over again. To further impress the audience, he explained how cheating gamblers would intentionally crimp a winning card to easily pick it out. David then placed the slightly creased card in the middle of the pack, snapped his fingers (way above the cards for good measure), and voila! The card magically appeared 


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