Smart and sexy, Benjamin Alves could very well be the apple of every woman’s eye. But what kind of woman can get this hottie’s attention? The Cosmo Centerfold said he does not have a specific type, physically speaking. There is one quality though, that ultimately attracts him to a woman: confidence. “I’ve never seen a sexy person who wasn’t confident about herself. Basta nandoon ‘yun. Looking at the people I’ve been attracted to, it’s never a certain type regardless of what kind of person she is. It’s always something intangible,” said the summa cum laude English Literature graduate. It doesn’t matter if you’re a chinita, mestiza or morena, as long as you have a sense of empowerment and passion for what you do. That is a real woman for Ben. “Since we’re at the age of 25, the girl’s gonna be at that age na sobrang busy niya. This is the time that you’re trying to make a name for yourself, the boy and girl,” he said. The Dading actor added, “You don’t want it so early to find your identity with someone else kasi parang sayang, eh. I find it really, really sexy when a girl knows what she wants and is so focused on what she wants.” He quipped, “’Yung mga babae diyan, get busy.” A career woman who knows what she wants is definitely sexy, but someone who is confident in her own skin gets even more plus points for Ben. “Sexy is identity. When you know who you are, that’s sexy for me. When you know yourself, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing,” he said. If you’re this lucky girl, hold your breath, because this certified hunk sure knows how to turn up the heat. “I love it when you can see their shoulders tapos nakikita mo ‘yung neck nila. That’s like the sexiest part for me. It’s my favorite part to kiss, the shoulder to the neck. That’s very sexy for selfish reasons,” said the Kapuso actor. Ben will be at his sexiest tonight as he walks the runway for the Cosmo Bachelor Bash at the World Trade Center so show your love and support for this scorching Cosmo Centerfold!


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